Artist Biographies

Jennifer Berklich aka Veronica Sweet is a secret special agent fembot specializing in torture/seduction techniques. Her specialties are video, costume, installation and illusion. Her last conquest involved shrinking her opponent down to the size of an M&M, and then eating her. TeamBKLN

joAnn Blohowiak, a veteran of the 1994 Invasion from New York's Aggressive Artists, has dedicated the past 13 years of her life to world peace and understanding. Followers of her Program to Share and Heal All Wounds Universally practice daily finding ways to open their hearts and minds to those that are viewed as enemies. joAnn will bring her steadfast and enlightened followers together in the upcoming invasion to provide emergency relief, shelter, emotional confidence, and spiritual guidance. (In a pinch, her aim is dead on.) TeamMPLS

The Chief Engineer of the War Effort is Glen Einbinder. He has spent six years studying the art of Plasti-cgla at Ti Gompa in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His most recent accoplishment was the spontaneous creation of a gem from the Legend of Zelda video game in the atrium of the Front Room Gallery in WIliamsburg. TeamBKLN

Mike Estabrook is serving as the Propaganda and Disinformation Specialist. He will be called upon to develop plans to humiliate and undermine the opposing forces, marshal support for the invading/gentrifying forces, and to make war look F-U-N. Past campaigns include Operation Ronald, Fucking Ronald (aka the Red Menace) and an exposé on Bill O'Reilly's subliminal, satanic messages. TeamBKLN

Brian Higbee is the Tactical Officer of Fortifications and Architecture. His role is to lead the effort in gathering materials, devise and execute an architectural plan for the structure, and make sure that it will withstand offensive/consuming forces. All logistical queries should be directed at him, and he will be responsibles for all models, maquettes and diagrams that are required. Beware, he has his finger on a small, red button. TeamBKLN

Vandana Jain is the Vice-President of Design and Branding of this campaign. She will be asked to give this eclectic group of artists/warlords a visual identity that can command advertising dollars in the marketplace and gives consumers/victims a sense of belonging and patriotism. Recent campaigns include Nike Air Missles the Coca-Cola Death March. TeamBKLN

Kevin Loecke is master of Hospitality and Espionage for team MPLS. He operates under cover of darkness with a friendly smile and a firm handshake. Beware! Artistic sabotage blossoms in his wake; as your back is turned, devouring the delicious homemade hotdish that was such a thoughtful welcome gift. TeamMPLS

John W Marks has had an accomplished career as a multi-disciplinary Diplomatic Visionary. He has provided creative services for numerous peacekeeping organizations, as well as for a handful of galleries and artist-run spaces.   Marks specializes in combining new and established medias, such as audio, video, painting, and sculpture. He was last seen in the Phillips neighborhood of south Minneapolis with a hand-held recorder and a drill. TeamMPLS

Emmanuel Migrino is the Zen Master of Sound and Light. His skilled use of media techniques creates narratives that confound the emotions of the opponents/clients, and make them lie down and weep. He will also be in charge of recording the entire event so that mistakes will not be made, and there is a clear record that can be doctored for the sake of history. TeamBKLN

mckur (nom de guerre of Daniel Palahniuk) is a Mercenary Peacekeeper who would just as soon keep peace for your enemy's enemy as your friend if the price were right. No allegiance to flags, just prestige and flashiness. His camera is always loaded. Looks forward to being behind just about any scene and frustrating any aggressor. mckur WILL document. TeamMPLS