The Game Show

A social sculpture that brought together twelve participants to collaboratively create a non-competitive game. Developed as part of ABC No Rio in Exile and hostsed at Bulletspace.

Against Competition

A process-basaed exhibition that prioritized mutual aid and collaboration, developed in conjunction with ABC No Rio and Flux Factory.

Mutant Corn

An experimental and collaborative agricultural art project taking place at the Dacha Project, a rural homestead near Ithaca, NY.

Ghost Modernism

An exploration of the ideas of Modernism and Post-Modernism in pursuit of a new era, Ghost Modernism.

No Assumption

An exhibition about housing, healthcare and debt that took place in a friend's soon-to-be foreclosed home. The project can be seen in its entirety on the blog.

The War Show

The War Show explores antagonistic collaboration through narratives such as artist duels, mock invasions and historical re-telling.

Tactics, Manila; Invasion, Minneapolis; Archive, New York City

Im/Migration of the Species

An interactive, growing installation exhibited as part of Emergence, Governor's Island

Catalog of exhibiton avilable online

Blaze Of Whimsy

The introduction of an artifical color into a natural landscape.


A non-monument to a future that hasn't happened.

Montello Residency

Two weeks in the sagebrush desert of northeastern Nevada.

United Snakes of America

A curated wall of prints, drawings, and collage themed around ideas of patriotism, the flag and snakes.

Bread Into Roses

A poster for a speculatively fictional government project set on Mars in the distant future.

Flat Screen TV

Flat Screen TV, artcodex's first publication, was produced for Amze Emmon's "Refugee Reading Room" presented at Space 1026 in Philadelphia, PA. A bestiary of sorts, the zine deals with extinction, parasitism and symbiosis, and hermaphroditism.

Inventory of a Lost Bag

A visual inventory of our lost backpack, left behind on a late night transfer bus between Vienna and Zagreb.

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

An interactive drawing installation where visitors were invited to draw either a cat or a dog.

See Something, Say Something

An instructional artwork balanced on a visual mathematical sequence and a ubiquitous phrase of fear and paranoia. Shift Space Gallery, Wichita State University, Kansas.

You are Amongst Friends

How does one develop community in the age of surveillance?

Bah Humbug!

Bah Humbug!, exhibited on view as part of Amplify Action until July 2012, is a project that addresses sustainability by taking a closer look at the issues of consumption and waste surrounding Christmas.

Dont Tread on Me

A new take on an old flag.

...the canada of...

The Canada of... takes the absurd phrase "x is the canada of y" (as in "Portugal is the Canada of Spain") and uses it as the basis of an installation that examines various relationships of dominance and power in the political, economic and social realms.


A project about boom town economies, from the Gold Rush of 1896 to the real estate bubble of the late nineties- early oughts era. Exhibited at Dumbo Arts Festival, 2009.

Seen Through Glass

A video project for Conflux 2006.

PAR Recruiting Station

A recruiting station for the Resistance, as part of Parker's Box, Reverse Art Fair, May 6-8, 2006.